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Posted by Ann Bennett on 3/22/2018

Your home is your castle, your oasis, your domain. You want your home to be an escape from the stresses of everyday life. For this to be true, there are a few key things that you should have in your home for you to enjoy the ultimate peace that home can bring. If you donít feel that your home is a peaceful place, you definitely need to heed the tips below. 

Have A Peaceful Spot To Relax In 

Every homeowner needs a place that they like to relax in. Your spot in the home should be a regular part of your routine whether itís where you like to drink coffee and read the news, a meditation room, or a home gym. Whatever gives you pleasure and an escape should be a priority in your home and your routine. You donít need a lot of space to accomplish this. Just a small nook in part of a room or a dedicated room in the house will do. Itís easy to create your own little piece of heaven.   

Nice Outdoor Space

Nothing brings peace to the mind and the soul like spending time in nature. For a tranquil escape right in your own home, make use of the outdoors. Do you have a deck or patio area? Can you put a hammock up in the backyard? What about a small bench swing? Any of these simple things can be your backyard oasis. Just be sure to surround these outdoor areas with colorful plants and other relaxing touches like rocks, trees, or even a running water fountain for an added effect.       

A Place To Separate Work And Home Life

If you work outside of the office at all, you probably have a home office space. You need this to be functional for your work, but you also need to remember the importance of separating your work life from your home life. Your home canít be a tranquil place to be if you feel youíre always carrying your work around with you.  

A Place For Inspiration

Most of all, your home should be inspiring. There should be areas of your home where you can sit and think about projects youíre working on, problems youíre facing, or just simply let your thoughts flow. For inspiration, youíll want to include inspiring images, pictures of the people you love, and items that make you plain happy. Your home is one place that helps you to keep the balance in your life. Make sure that you create the relaxing space that you deserve for a happier life!

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Posted by Ann Bennett on 4/9/2017

Pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers may air television, radio and internet commercials that encourage you to stock up on cold medicine simply because temperatures are dropping. But, you and your family donít have to get sick at home, school or work just because itís cold outside. Rather than giving into old beliefs and pricey ads, turn your home into a healthy zone this year.

Cold temperatures donít have create nagging colds and fevers

The first step toward turning your home into a good health zone begins with a decision. Simply decide that you are going to develop zero or fewer colds. Other steps toward creating a healthy home include:

  • Washing your hands after using the bathroom and before handling food and teaching your children to do the same
  • Cleaning and rinsing vegetables, fruit and meat (if you are a meat eater) before you eat them raw or prepare them as cooked dishes
  • Wiping counters and tabletops after you finish cooking or dining
  • Cooking and cutting with clean utensils
  • Vacuuming pet hairs and regularly cleaning coverings that pets sleep and play on
  • Training pets to stay off counters, tables and furniture
  • Letting everyone in your family participate in weekly house cleanings Ė you can miss a lot if you try to clean an entire house alone. Cleaning an entire house alone can also cause you to feel frustrated and overwhelmed.
  • Taking rugs outside and shaking them free of lint and other debris at least once a week

What you do in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom matters

Those are just a few steps that you could take to make your house healthier. Additional ways to create a more healthy home are also easy to implement. For example, you could:

  • Sleep on a supportive mattress. Get a good night of sleep. This includes getting sufficient deep sleep. Consider using a fitness watch to track how much deep sleep youíre getting each night.
  • Stock your kitchen with healthy foods that are loaded with natural vitamins and minerals.
  • Eat a healthy diet. Drink plenty of fresh water and eat raw vegetables and fruit daily if youíre system allows.
  • Place dumbbells, a jump rope and exercise mattress in your house. The basement and first floor of your home are good places to jump rope, lift weights, do yoga exercises and cardio. You can also climb the steps at your house, dance for exercise and jog in place.
  • Grow green plants in your home. Green plants help to keep oxygen healthy and balanced.
  • Create a meditation room at your house. Pick a quiet space as your meditation room, a space thatís further away from outdoor and indoor traffic. Meditate three to four times a week or every day, in your meditation room.
  • Hold family discussions and encourage openness and verbal, emotional, psychological and physical safety at home. Share and talk about topics, events and items that are concerning one or more members of your family. Do this in a loving and supportive manner.

By stocking your home with an assortment of liquid and pill form cold medicines each winter, you could be sending a subconscious message that you have to get sick because itís cold outside. You could also, unintentionally, send that same message to your children. If youíve given into pharmaceutical and manufacturing ads that encourage cold medicine buying in the past, consider bucking that trend starting this year. Two to three years into this mind shift, you just might find that you and your family catch fewer colds.

Posted by Ann Bennett on 3/19/2017

Stressed out and wishing you had room in the budget for a trip to Hawaii? Take a vacation whenever you want from the comfort of your home by creating a home sanctuary. When you have a peaceful refuge just a few footsteps down the hall you can easily take 15 minutes to yourself to relax and take the edge off whenever you like.

Start by selecting your space. You can turn a spare room or unused corner of the home into your sanctuary. When choosing a place take the foot traffic and lighting of the area into consideration. For example, you may find it distracting of your new sanctuary is across from the bathroom your family uses frequently or if there is a harsh glare at sunrise or sunset.

Decide on how youíll spend time in this area. While you may hear sanctuary and immediately assume itís a space for meditation or prayer this can be a quiet place for you to do any activity you find soothing. This may be reading, painting, writing or even putting a puzzle together. Once you know how you would like to utilize the room you can add furniture that will easily allow you to immerse yourself in an activity. Consider soft lighting, a desk, rug,  large chair, and any tools necessary for your chosen activity. This could mean adding anything from a meditation pillow to an easel.

Handy hint: keep what you do add to the room intentional and functional. To maintain a calming environment that is easy to relax in avoid clutter from finding itís way into this room and taking over. Add plants to bring a touch of peaceful nature to the room and purify the air. Choose soft, neutral colors to decorate with. If you are using a corner of a room for your sanctuary you can section the area off for privacy with a room divider or bookshelf.

If you donít have space in your home for a dedicated sanctuary you can easily turn any space into a peaceful area by turning on some relaxing music and lighting some candles whose smells you find soothing. If youíre open to redecorating you can take the above tips and apply them to your living room or family den. You can even get your whole family to join in by limiting tv time and scheduling a ďcalm hourĒ for everyone to take a break and just chill.

Donít wait all year for a two-week vacation to relax. Bring the elements that soothe your soul to your everyday routine into your home whether with a hobby like building a puzzle or setting dedicated quiet time for the whole family. When you make it simple to take a timeout from the day itís harder to put off taking the time to relax. Your health will thank you!

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