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Posted by Ann Bennett on 10/4/2018

Having lived in several tiny apartments, I know firsthand the struggle of having a cluttered bedroom. The bedroom is the room of your home you'll probably spend the most time in. You sleep there, get dressed there, and it's where you go to unwind before bed. It also houses some large furniture items: your bed, your clothing storage, and maybe even a desk or television. However, there are ways to declutter your bedroom to make it feel more minimal, open, and spacious. In this article, we'll go over some of the ways you can arrange, paint, and decorate your bedroom to create space and build a more open and comfortable environment.

1. Colors are important

Interior decorators will tell you all about the need for light colors to make a room feel spacious. We naturally associate darkness with closed spaces--a shady patch of wood, a dark cave--whereas bright spaces tend to be much more spacious--a sprawling field or open body of water. To emulate this openness indoors, decorate your home like you would find in a field. Keep the darker colors lower to the ground like the dirt and grass in a field, and the lighter colors up higher on the walls and ceiling, like the sky above.

2. Mirrors make a difference

Most people know about the mirror trick to adding space in a room. However, the location and size of the mirror also matter. One tiny mirror in the corner of a room won't make much of a difference. However, grouping mirrors together, especially vertically from floor to ceiling, will make the bed room appear much larger, plus you'll be able to use the mirrors while getting dressed in the morning.

3. Use storage furniture

A bed frame, desk, or ottoman with storage space will allow you to keep objects out of sight and help declutter the room. For best results, use furniture items that are light in color or paint them a slightly different shade of the color of your walls.

4. Modular furniture

Modular furniture is minimal and can be built to fit your needs. With modular furniture you won't ever have more drawers in your dresser than you need. If you want a desk in your bedroom, you can buy a fold-up wall mounted desk that helps clear up room when not in use.

5. Store inside, not on top

Bedrooms tend to accumulate a lot of clutter. Before I got rid of my bedside table it was usually covered with any range of items--keys, water bottle, opened mail, pens, etc. However, now that I store everything in a bedroom drawer, I don't have to worry about those items being visible and making the room feel cluttered.

6. Ditch the big bed

Mattresses and bed frames have come a long way in recent years when it comes to minimalism. Since your bed is probably the largest item in your bedroom, it is the most important item to change if you really want to make the room more spacious. The obvious solution is to buy a smaller sized bed. However, if that isn't an option there are also many slim mattresses and bed frames with a sleek, minimalist look.

Posted by Ann Bennett on 4/2/2017

large womanAs a buyer or renter, walking into a very small space, whether it be your potential new home, apartment, or condominium, is initially unappealing. On the other hand, the idea of trying to sell or rent a small homestead can seem like somewhat of a challenge. As a buyer, consider the different possibilities for the small space. Built-ins often give a room or home character. If you have closets, consider removing their doors and building your own built-ins. This is especially helpful in areas where a closet is found behind the entryway to a room. Use of color will play a large role in the overall appearance of a small room. While dark colors can be detrimental, lighter, softer colors can open up a room or apartment. Not one for four tan walls? Trying three light, neutral walls paired with a bright vibrant accent wall. Is this small house or apartment going to be saving you money? Consider the instances in which the asking price or rent is lower for smaller properties. Also keep in mind heating a smaller space will be cheaper than a larger one. As a seller, when showing your property, make sure your space is free of clutter. Keep in mind too much furniture, or too much mess, in general, can make a space look smaller and less appealing. As a real estate agent I am constantly looking at varying sized homes and apartments and may be able to offer solutions to any small-space buying or selling concerns.